EVs By The Sea


April 26th 2020 10am – 4pm.

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2020 will be a big year for Electric Vehicles with over 20 Battery Electric Vehicles and 10 new Plug in Hybrid Vehicles launching in the UK. With tax breaks and wider availability now is the time to look at going electric.

We’re here to answer the many questions surrounding Electric Vehicles including,

What happens when it rains?
Isn’t electricity just as dirty as Petrol and Diesel?
Can you get to the national speed limit?
How do you drive long distances?
How expensive is it to run an EV?
How often do you need to change the batteries?
Will an EV catch fire in a crash?
How do I charge my EV, if I don’t have a driveway?
How will the national grid cope with all the electric vehicles?
How dirty is it to manufacture the batteries in an EV?
… and many more.

Trust us we’ve heard them all!

Come along and talk to real owners who can tell you what life is like owning and living with these vehicles? We’ll have activities for the kids and maybe a prize or two!

EVs By The Sea is a FREE event to promote Electric Vehicles and renewable technologies in conjunction with Transition Town Worthing and their Eco Open Houses event.

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